Language course

The au pair is entitled to enrol in a language course. The training institutes below provide language courses designed especially for au pairs.  


This Basic Dutch Course (A0-A1) has been developed specifically to teach au pairs the most essential Dutch sentences needed to facilitate communication with children in a short period of time. The following topics are addressed during this beginners’ course:

  • Daily care: instructions for meals and getting dressed, etc.
  • Greeting the children and asking them about their day
  • Playing and reading to the children
  • Describing the environment (animals, shops, etc.)
  • Traffic safety and emergencies (including asking about pains and problems)



Taalthuis offers language courses especially for au pairs at 9 locations in the Netherlands. At Taalthuis, students learn to speak Dutch in small groups. They learn Dutch in a playful manner by means of current themes and all sorts of fun topics. They also learn a lot about life in the Netherlands. Taalthuis distinguishes itself from other regular language institutes by teaching in the form of games. Learning is easier because the lessons are provided in a playful manner. The ‘Dutch for Au Pairs’ course was developed especially for au pairs. The Dutch lessons are geared to the au pair’s situation, such as customs and practices of the Dutch family, caring for children, safety, play and going to school. Each lesson covers a grammatical topic alternated with a lot of games and singing children’s songs. The au pairs also read a children’s book aloud together in each lesson. Personal attention for the au pairs is important. Therefore, the courses are limited to a maximum of 11 participants per group. Some knowledge of English is required.

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