Intake interview

Intake interview with host family

An intake interview with SNAPS is without obligation and free of charge. The intake interview has a duration of approximately one hour and always takes place at the host family’s home. By meeting you in your own environment we get a good first impression of you as the host family and your living conditions.

During this personal interview, we will screen you as host family and determine whether your family meets the requirements set both by us and by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). We will of course immediately check whether your family meets the relevant legal requirements.

Intake interviews are conducted by Inkie Zandhuis-Deenen or another employee of our agency. During the intake interview, the potential host family will receive an information folder. This contains the general terms and conditions of BONAPA, the supplementary terms and conditions of Super Nanny Au Pair Services, the penalty clause and a business card.

The mediation procedure will be started once the host family has registered by means of the family registration form on our website.

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