Bonapa COVID-19 plan

The au pair branch is faced with the new reality of a 1,5 meter-economy. Our business activities are spread over public and private spaces, from airports to living rooms. The vision of Bonapa is still to facilitate a European culture exchange program but to adhering to the new order of social distancing.

Cultural exchange during the pandemic

The pandemic has major economic implications and host families have felt the extra pressure during the closing of schools and the extra logistics that social distancing will create. During the current pandemic the au pair program has shown the even greater mutual benefits for both the host families and the au pairs. In these times au pairs are even more integrated within the family. Au pairs give the much needed extra attention to the kids while host parents need to work from home, and the host family gives the au pair in return the comforting home-away-from-home with ample amounts of quality time together.

Exploring continues in the time of social distancing and the current situation made au pairs more focused on their Dutch surroundings within the social distancing regulations. The cultural experience deepens by giving the au pairs first hand experience in the collective approach of the Dutch. Cultural organisations have prepared social distancing protocol and the RIVM confirms that life will soon normalize within the new regulations.

The au pair program is a well organised process that includes a thorough screening by an accredited au pair agency. Most agents’ activities already take place online, but for the scheduled contact moments Bonapa will introduce a few adaptations to the au pair program. The adaptations are also guidelines for au pairs and host families towards a safe and friendly way to adjust to new Covid-19 procedures.

The duration of the Covid-19 plan will adhere to the advice of RIVM guidelines.

Intake meetings

Due to the exploratory nature of an intake meeting it is advised to conduct all such appointments through video calling that includes a virtual tour of the potential home for the au pair. In case a family or au pair candidate welcomes a personal introduction, a meeting can be scheduled adhering to 1,5 meter distance and only one agent on visit.


Thorough screening is a standard procedure with all members of Bonapa. However, due to the privacy legislation au pair agencies cannot be held responsible if candidates or host families do not wish to reveal medical information. Medical information is private but in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic an au pair agency will include specific questions with regards to previous illnesses. Candidates or host families will not be discriminated on terms of Covid-19 exposure, unless the RIVM advises otherwise.


Au pairs and host families need to adhere to airport regulations. To limit the points of contact all au pairs will be collected by one member of the host family. Physical contact e.g. handshaking can only take place after the au pair has taken a shower of bath at the host family’s home. Baggage should be sanitised outside the host family’s house. Au pairs are advised to sanitise their own belongings straight before packing in their home countries. Au pair agencies will inform the au pairs beforehand on the current Dutch Covid-19 regulations.

At home

It is advised by the Dutch authority that on arrival new arrivals should undergo a self- isolation period of 2 weeks at the host family’s home. Each host family shall discuss their house guidelines with regards to Covid-19 exposure with the au pair. The au pair will be treated as a member of the family and once registered on the host families address will be legally part of the household.

Cultural activities

Au pairs and host families should adhere to social distancing protocol within in public spaces. Host families and au pair agencies will make a special effort explaining the regulations in an instance where the au pair seems to deviate from the rules.

Au pair days

All au pair days will be cancelled until quarter 4 of 2020. Au pair agencies will offer an alternative to au pairs and host families in cases where the au pair days were included in the service package.


Replacements in the time of Covid-19 regulations are a challenge. With limit air travel au pairs are not able to go back to their home country or new au pairs candidates flying in. . We call on host families to extend their care for their au pairs during this transitional period.

Newsletter March 2020

Lock down Corona Virus in The Netherlands

Please see Dutch Government website for the latest information on Covid-19 virus.

ISIS Au pair Insurance and Corona

  • My au pair is still in the home country and will not come to The Netherlands anymore, I did make some expenses such as a flight ticket and want to cancel these.
    These kinds of expenses are not covered with the ISIS Au pair insurance.
  • The au pair is in The Netherlands and wishes to leave the country due to the Coronavirus in The Netherlands. Extra expenses will be needed to arrange the departure.
    This kind of extra expenses are not insured by the ISIS Au pair Insurance.
  • What if my au pair receives a message that a close relative has died, what to do?
    In that case the au pair can return home for the funeral. The Emergency Helpline arranges that the au pair can travel. This benefit also applies when the deceased relative was infected with Corona virus (COVID-19). Please call the Emergency Helpline, the phone number is +(0) 182 544 557.
  • The au pair needs to be admitted in a hospital and she is infected with Coronavirus. Will the medical expenses be reimbursed?
    The emergency medical care is insured when the All-in cover is active. Do you have a policy with Additional cover, then the au pairs needs to benefit from the Basic Health insurance. You can ask the ISIS Au pair Insurance for a reimbursement of the deductible that applies to the Basic Health Insurance.
  • My au pair went on a trip during the Au pair program and visited a different country then The Netherlands. During that trip the au pair has become ill and needs to be admitted in a hospital. Will the Au pair Insurance pay for the medical care abroad? 
    If All-in cover is active, the unforeseen medical care is covered. If Additional cover is active, then the care that is not paid for by the Basic Health Insurance, will be reimbursed by ISIS. For both All-in and Additional cover, the Au pair Insurance does not reimburse medical treatment caused by Corona virus if you travel to an are which is coloured orange or red by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (“Travel advice by Ministry).
  • The au pair is still at home and cancelled the Au pair year in The Netherlands. I did apply for an Au pair insurance through JoHo, can I cancel the insurance?
    Yes, you can cancel the insurance since the au pair will not come to The Netherlands. We will give you a refund of the premium. You will need to inform us prior to the startdate of your insurance.
  • Because of the Coronavirus I will need to change a flight for the au pair. This will mean additional travel expenses. These extra travel expenses are not covered by the ISIS Au pair Insurance.
  • The au pair is in The Netherlands and needs to reschedule the trip home. Therefore she will stay in The Netherlands longer than was planned and she will need to spend extra money to stay in the country. Will these expenses to stay in The Netherlands be covered? 
    No, the Au pair Insurance does not cover the costs to stay longer in The Netherlands.
  • The au pair is in The Netherlands and needs to reschedule the trip home. Therefore she will stay in The Netherlands longer than was planned. Will the Au pair Insurance stay valid during that time?
    You will need to inform us about the extended stay in the country since this might mean that the insured period needs to be extended to keep the au pair insured.

Update new date Cool Spring Event

SNAPS Au Pair Cool Spring Event / cancelled / new date to be announced

Newsletter January 2020

Application for a residence permit as an au pair

Required amounts valid from 1 January  2020 until 30 June, 2020 

Host family of a married/unmarried couple living together 
Sv-loon per month without holiday allowance ​€ 2,453.40
​​​​​​Sv-loon per month with holiday allowance ​€ 2,649.68
Host family of single parent ​
Sv-loon per month without holiday allowance ​€ 1,962.72
​​​​​​​Sv-loon per month with holiday allowance ​€ 2,119.75

Required amounts valid from 1 January 2020 until 30 June 2020

Host family of a married/unmarried couple living together 
Sv-loon per month without holiday allowance ​€ 2,480.40
​​​​​​Sv-loon per month with holiday allowance ​€ 2,678.84
Host family of single parent ​
Sv-loon per month without holiday allowance ​€ 1,984.32
​​​​​​​Sv-loon per month with holiday allowance ​€ 2,143.07

How does the IND calculate my income?

​The way your income is calculated is different for each type of income. In this newsletter you will read for each type of income how your income is calculated.

​Income from paid employment

To see if your income is high enough the IND compares your sv-loon with the required amount.

The required amount is a monthly salary

Are your paid every 4 weeks? Then you should first calculate your monthly income.

  1. First, calculate your yearly income: your sv-loon per 4 weeks x 13.
  2. Second, calculate your monthly income: your yearly income / 12.

Holiday allowance

You may include the holiday allowance in your income. The required amounts are given with holiday allowance and without holiday allowance.

Is your holiday allowance paid once a year? Then look at the required amount without holiday allowance. Is your income to low? Then calculate your income with holiday allowance. Compare this monthly income including the holiday allowance with the required amount with holiday allowance.

Is your holiday allowance paid every month? Then compare your income with the required amount with holiday allowance.

Irregular income or benefits in kind

Irregular income is income that you receive on top of your standard fixed salary. For example, because you are paid a surcharge for irregular working hours or shiftwork, hazardous surcharge or are paid overtime. Or if you receive benefits in kind. You may include this irregular income if you receive it structurally. Structurally means at least 11 times in the 12 months before the application for the residence permit.

Do you receive irregular income? Then the IND looks at your income of the last 12 months before the application. Your income is sufficient if you have been paid the required amount at least 11 times.

Income as a self-employed person

The IND looks at your average profit per financial year. When submitting the application the IND will always ask you to send information about your profit of the current financial year, the most recently closed financial year and the next-to-last financial year. But your income is sufficient when your average monthly profit of the last 18 months before the application equals at least the required amount with holiday allowance.

In the appendix Declaration on income of self-employed person you can read which supporting documents you must enclose. You fill out this declaration with your accountant or administrator.

Income from benefits received

The IND compares the sv-loon of your social benefit with the required amount. The social benefit you receive should equal at least the required amount.

Income from own funds

The IND looks at the own funds you have filed with the tax agency (Belastingdienst) in the year before your application. For example, you submit an application in 2018. The IND looks at the own capital you have filed in the tax filing over 2017. To calculate your income from own funds the IND looks at the benefit from the base of savings and investments. You have calculated this with your tax filing. You calculate the benefit from the base of savings and investments to a monthly amount. This monthly amount should at least equal the required amount with holiday allowance.

Fees IND

Per January 1st, 2020  the IND has increased the fee for the au pair’s residence permit from €285 to €290


SNAPS Event Calendar for the au pairs 2020

Month Event
March 15th, 2020 Karaoke, DJ winter games event with typical Dutch food
May 9th, 2020 Efteling event, amusement park with treasure hunt
June / July 2020 Beach event
September 2020 Old fashion Dutch Games en BBQ event with live DJ
November 2020 International Au Pair Event

Newsletter November 2019


Super Nanny Au Pair Services organizes a number of events per year, we also do this for the affiliated BONAPA agencies. These events are especially for the au pairs. It is therefore also important that your au pair participate in this. The events that we organize ourselves are always with a social and sporting touch and very accessible to your au pair.

Program events 2019-2020

November 24th, 2019 BoNaPa International Au Pair day
December 15th, 2019 SNAPS workshops for only SNAPS au pairs,
February 2020 SNAPS / BoNAPa Cool event
May 2020 Efteling “Amusument Parc event
September 2020 SNAPS / BoNaPa Old Fashion Dutch Games and bbq with live DJ event

Christmas time!

Christmas time is a very nice time in Holland, almost everybody celebrates this big! Even the streets and the stores are all very beautiful in Christmas style. Most of the time families will get together and  have dinner with their whole family and give each other presents under the Christmas tree, this will mostly be on the 24th of December ‘Christmas Eve’ or the 25th of December ‘the first day of Christmas’ or the 26th of December ‘the second day of Christmas. This is always a very nice time and it would be nice if you could join your host family in this special time of the year.

After Christmas we celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. A typical thing during this celebrating is eating ‘Oliebollen’ this is a kind of sweet that is only available during this time, so there will be a lot of them.

The day we celebrate the end of the year is the 31th of December we do this in the evening, first we have dinner with friends and family and drink some drinks and eat lots of sweets like ‘Olliebollen’. We will do this with lots of fireworks (literally). You need to be very careful, because there will be a lot of fireworks, most of the people will just watch from inside the house, or just in front of their front door.

Aupairsaround app – get in touch with au pairs in your area!

Usually all au pairs are free during the weekend, and wouldn’t it be fun to go to the city with some friends? People the same age as you in your neighborhood?
That is possible! There is an App (for Iphone and Android) where au pairs can get in contact with other au pairs in the neighborhood. This App is called: ‘Aupairsaround’  This App is free!

Newsletter Juli/August 2019

Super Nanny Au Pair Services / Summer opening hours

Office hours during the summer holidays from July 29 until August 11th, 2019 a.s. our office will be open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For urgent matters that cannot wait I would like to ask you to send an email to [email protected]!

Update au pairs on our website

This is updated monthly.

Our agents and countries with which we work

  • Ukraine
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • China
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • South Africa
  • South America (general)

* We also provide the PRE-Match service for our families (Self-Match Service)


Via internet sites we also come to candidates who have been au pairs for a year or several years in another country in the EU or outside the EU. Super Nanny Au Pair Services will be approached by this candidate and will personally interview the candidates. References are checked and issued by her / his old host family or other references such as old employee and such in the country of origin.


Super Nanny Au Pair Services organizes a number of Events per year, which we also do for affiliated BONAPA agencies. These events are especially for the au pairs. It is therefore also important that your au pair takes part in it. The events organized by us are always with a social and sporty touch and very accessible for your au pair.

September 2019, the “OLD FASHION DUTCH GAMES AND BBQ EVENT” organized by SNAPS for years This event is for our own au pairs and for the affiliated BONAPA au pair agencies

PROGRAMMA events 2019/2020

January 2020 SNAPS /BONAPA Ice Skating Cool and Diner Event
April /May 2020 BONAPA Efteling event
June 2020 BONAPA Beach Event
September 2019 SNAPS/BONAPA Old Fashion Dutch Games & BBQ event
December 2019 BONAPA Sinterklaas event

Kickstart, language courses especially for au pairs

Kickstart has moved to: Koninginnegracht 62, 2514 AG Den Haag

Information Taalthuis

Last year we welcomed many au pairs at Taalthuis! We are very happy with this and hope to be able to do this again in 2019.

New location in Wassenaar.

In 2019 we opened a new course location in Wassenaar. All au pairs from (the surroundings of) Wassenaar are therefore very welcome at our cozy location on the Langstaart in the old center of Wassenaar. Au Pair discount 15% from this new course season we set the discount for au pairs at 15% by default, the use of an extra discount code will be canceled. This was hardly used and in this way we can offer all au pairs for € 361.25 a course including textbooks and fun interactive e-learning.

All information can be found on our website

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