Cultural program au pairs

Cultural program au pairs

Being an au pair involves a cultural exchange, which is supported by the host family in different ways:

  • Because the au pair is an active member of the host family, there is an exchange of cultures. The au pair learns about your culture and you learn about the au pair’s culture. As a result, a friendship for life can develop easily.
  • Your children grow up with a second language, learn what it is like to live with an au pair from a different culture with different customs and rules. The au pair is again given the opportunity to get to know a different language and culture, to live in a different family environment and to learn more about the history of the Netherlands.
  • You offer the au pair the opportunity to participate in a (language) course.
  • The au pair meets other au pairs via the Super Nanny Au Pair Services Club Cultural Event Program.
  • There is a cultural program four times a year for the au pairs of Super Nanny Au Pair Services . Super Nanny Au Pair Services provides a varied cultural program. This program can consist of Ice Skating Cool Event, Typical Old Fashion Dutch Games & BBQ event , Karaoke event. For the organization of these activities an annual contribution of €240.00 (free of VAT) will be charged to the host family.

SNAPS Event Calendar 2020

Month Event
January 2025 Ice Skating Cool Event, with Snacks and Drinks
April 2024 Karaoke @BBQ Event
July 2024 Old Fashion Dutch Games Event
October 2024 Event
November 2024 International Au Pair Event
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