Newsletter November 2019


Super Nanny Au Pair Services organizes a number of events per year, we also do this for the affiliated BONAPA agencies. These events are especially for the au pairs. It is therefore also important that your au pair participate in this. The events that we organize ourselves are always with a social and sporting touch and very accessible to your au pair.

Program events 2019-2020

November 24th, 2019 BoNaPa International Au Pair day
December 15th, 2019 SNAPS workshops for only SNAPS au pairs,
February 2020 SNAPS / BoNAPa Cool event
May 2020 Efteling “Amusument Parc event
September 2020 SNAPS / BoNaPa Old Fashion Dutch Games and bbq with live DJ event

Christmas time!

Christmas time is a very nice time in Holland, almost everybody celebrates this big! Even the streets and the stores are all very beautiful in Christmas style. Most of the time families will get together and  have dinner with their whole family and give each other presents under the Christmas tree, this will mostly be on the 24th of December ‘Christmas Eve’ or the 25th of December ‘the first day of Christmas’ or the 26th of December ‘the second day of Christmas. This is always a very nice time and it would be nice if you could join your host family in this special time of the year.

After Christmas we celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. A typical thing during this celebrating is eating ‘Oliebollen’ this is a kind of sweet that is only available during this time, so there will be a lot of them.

The day we celebrate the end of the year is the 31th of December we do this in the evening, first we have dinner with friends and family and drink some drinks and eat lots of sweets like ‘Olliebollen’. We will do this with lots of fireworks (literally). You need to be very careful, because there will be a lot of fireworks, most of the people will just watch from inside the house, or just in front of their front door.

Aupairsaround app – get in touch with au pairs in your area!

Usually all au pairs are free during the weekend, and wouldn’t it be fun to go to the city with some friends? People the same age as you in your neighborhood?
That is possible! There is an App (for Iphone and Android) where au pairs can get in contact with other au pairs in the neighborhood. This App is called: ‘Aupairsaround’  This App is free!

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