Zahra Dewi Azhari


Dear family,
My name is Zahra but it’s gonna be easier to call me Zara without H since I know some people can’t pronounced my name. I’m 24 years old. I’m born and raised in Indonesia by my mom . I graduated from a vocational high school which I will make it shorter as VHS. In chemical analysis degree. I take VHS for 4 years , it’s different than other high school in Indonesia that only take 3 years.
In 2013-2014 I had my internship in hazardous and toxic laboratory at Bandung Institute of technology for 6 months. And I also take some part time job as a waiters in restaurant for 2 months and then the owner ask me to be the marketing after he saw my work for 1.5 months. In 2014 I started a college in Pasundan University in Bandung in Good technology degree.
I’m lucky enough too to be a part of Bandung English community in 2012-2013 and the owner ask me to teach or being a tutor for around 10-15 people, I remember I even was shooted for a TV to show our community but I couldn’t find the video. I’m being a tutor about 3 months when I was in 2nd-3rd grade. Since then I also open for a private tutoring for English. I’m tutoring 2 kids, 1 kid around 7years old that time and 1 around 5years old. I also tutoring for teenage age for my friends or sibling.
I also sometimes became a nanny or just looking after kids. One of them are my cousin who hires me for her kids age 3-4 and baby around 6 months old. My friend in college was also ask me to looking of her newborn baby while she was doing her college. I love to play with kids , I like to teach them , talk to them and draw with them . I’m also close to my cousins .
At home I usually do dishes, washing clothes , dusting and moping floor. Actually moping floor is my favorite things to do. I love to cook too and exploring new recipe that I watch on YouTube .
I love to learn new languages, I also take 3 months of dutch course and 3 months of japanese course so I can consider to say that I can speak in common way but not too much (I’m still learning). I love to read Novel and books about food technology , chemical or microbiology things. I love to swim or walk to have sightseeing. My friend describe me as a cheerful , easy going and an open minded person. I love to learn new things and exploring new places or so.
So, I think that’s a little bit about me , I hope you enjoy my part of story. You can also ask me anything anytime. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day 😉

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