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Dear host family, Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Saowaluck Manonom or you can call me Noonew. I’m 24 years old. I’m Thai and live in Nonthaburi province, Thailand (Near Bangkok). My family consists of four members, including my father, my mother, elder brother and me. I also have 2 cats. My father is a carpenter and my mother has an open noodle shop in front of my house. Besides, she is a housewife; she always takes great care of us. Both of my parents are working hard. In addition, my elder brother is a sales manager. He is good at handling problems and takes great care of employee and customers. Our family always shares household responsibilities. We give great important to values and morals in life. Since our early childhood, we are taught to respect the elders and love the children. I come from a warm and loving family. And I am the youngest one. It makes me do many things, such as sharing with my brother, be patience and have compassion. We also have to help with the chores for example; sweep the house. During my free time I love to; play in a badminton team, sing songs, watch TV, play a guitar and travel to country houses to volunteer as teachers or donate educational equipment. I always like to distribute goods and make some activities in there. I’m an enthusiastic and very easy-going person. I like; to learn new things, nature, mountains and architectural buildings. I’m kind and friendly with other people. I am a social, optimistic and helpful person.
I graduated Faculty of Liberal art, Tourism at the Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon in Thailand. My course is about guiding tourists from different culture and places both children and adults. Also, to take tourists to various places and ensuring that they will be safe. When I was a college student, I liked to participate in activity at University. Especially, representing my Major to visitors of the university, take Chinese students to the museum and old market of Thailand. I did an internship in 2018-2019 at the Immigration Nonthaburi. I am working as an admin project at the State Railway of Thailand right now. I assist engineers with documentation of train designs, communicate with many people, prepare meetings and take minutes of meetings for both Thailand and ASEAN.
I have experience taking care for children between the age of 3 to 12 years old at I-Genius Kid, Central Westgate. My duties were to take care of them in the class with the help of a teacher, teach them new vocabularies with picture cards which have a different topic each week, such as a school theme. There will be vocabulary related to the school and to do activities every class, moreover I make them pottery trained, clean up the things they used when finished and teach them to write the English alphabet. In addition, I also took care of 2 children aged 3 and 7 years old. Their names are Lookpad and Tunya. My duties were to pick Tunya up from school, assist her with homework, prepare breakfast and lunch, and teach her English. Besides, I teach Lookpad to be pottery trained, let her take a nap and do activities such as painting, sports, play and so on.
I have knowledge about first aid and CPR. I received a first aid certificate from American safety & health institute recently. I had learned how to help children and
adults when there is an emergency such as food stuck in the throat or someone is injured. You can be sure that I can take care of your children
I want to be an Au pair, because I love children. Besides, I notice that being with children makes me feel comfortable and gives me the opportunity to learn new things all the time. In addition, I want to experience to European culture and establish warm and strong relationships while residing in Europe. Besides, I think it will be a great way to develop myself further and learn to be more responsible.
After I finish an au pair program, I will return to Thailand. I plan to study a master’s degree of Arts. I want to work in the field that I can use English language and cross-cultural communication, or I will look for a job in childcare to use the experience that I have gained to develop Thai children. I will be open-minded and ready to practice new skills If you want and look after your children. Hopefully, my personal information and qualification fulfill your requirements of Au pair. I am looking forward to getting a good opportunity of being a part of your family. Please kindly consider me as your Au pair.
Best regards,

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