Hi, My name Octavia, you can call me Pia. I will turn 25 year old in October, the eldest of 5, I have 1 young brother (20yo) and 3 young sisters (22 yo, 16 yo, 10 yo). We live in a house that not too big, but it’s comfortable for 7 people at home, and 1 pet, a kitty. My parents run a small shop, which already run for over 20 years, so we all under parents watch for 24 hours, but, however having the parents that run own business make me as the eldest have a bigger reponsibilites to take care of my younger brother and sisters. So I have learn it since I was kid, how to take care and watch over my younger sisters. I graduated from Bandung State of Polytechnic majoring Business Administration, and consentrate on Marketing Management at level Diploma 3.

My experiece on childcare is mostly at Church on Sunday school, in Indonesia, Sunday school can be tough J we mix up the kid from age 4 – 12 and every week we can take care of 30 kids or more, with only 2 teachers. But it is fun, we teach them and take care of the during the mass as well, as they will get seperated from their parents and teach them to focus on mass.

What brings me to be an Au Pair? I love languange and exploring new things, I am young and I want to explore the things, I want to learn. Move to Holland for a year and exploring Europe? I won’t miss it, specially once I know that there is a program called Aupair, what a very great exchange, I will be a big sister again and helping for house work, and still can exploring and learning the culture and espcially language, it is a great great deal. It will be like I stay home but in a new family and a new place. I have some experiences, and I understand what problem mostly kids normaly have, I meet so many kids with different characters for the last 3 years and also my own sisters which now 10 year old. That is not enough to be a good au pair, but I have something to give and dedicate for my new family, I learn how to make a deal with kids and learn be patient as kids need attention in their portion that adult sometime don’t understand.

I hope I can make good experience and learn a lot of things from the family, the culture and society. Learning language also is something that to be my goal, I wish I can get the course and get fluent on the language I learn, I expect to take Dutch or if availabe Spanish, I believe all the rules have made in proper way to get both side win win solution.

About my personality, I am a person whose willing to learn as much as I can. So I will take something from my mistake and learn, I don’t mind if people straigforward, it is ok, as long as it is not personal, I will not take it personal, and will take it as a new lesson. I am patient enough I guess, and it seems my friends are agree lol

I am not a really talkaktive person, I don’t talk to much but I am warm enough and caring. I will help and would love to help anytime I could. I hope we will have a wonderful year together as your au pair and as my host family.

Leeftijd 24
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Yes, Ages from newborn to 12 years old. Caring her siblings, as a Sunday school teacher, babysit and playing with her neighbor child
Scholing Middelbare school, MBO, HBO,
Bandung State of Polytechnic majoring Business Administration, and consentrate on Marketing Management at level Diploma 3.
Gesproken talen Engels,

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