Hello my dearest future family,
How are you there ? I hope you’re fine as well. My name is Nia just call me Nia:) Im 23 years old. I am looking for a host family for a year of experience.
I don’t expect too much to the family. I just want the family welcome to me, respect each others and lovable. Living with me is really easy as I am not a demanding person. I do respect that the house is your house and that I have follow your house rules. I would love to see you and taking care of your children carefully as their elder sister.
Let’s to know each other
I am a cheerful and easygoing person and that’s why children could easily play with me, I guess. Sometimes, I like to make a joke and do funny things. I have often helped my aunt take care of her children and I am really happy to do that. I helped my aunt such as to play with them, make something funny together, teach them writing and drawing, take a nap with them, untill my aunt come. I really enjoyed to do that. My activities now handle my little business online shopper. I am life with my mother, father and handsome brother. I came from a simple and happy family. My dad is an open-minded person. He is the one who taught me to follow my dreams. He supports me to do what I want and leave abroad to gain experience. He can be tough sometimes but he is my hero. My mum, she taught me to be tough and patient. She always smiling no matter how hard life is. She is my wonderwoman, when my mum and my dad work am the only one to take care my brother the name is Naldi. Im already finished my diploma from Politeknik APP Jakarta, with major Industrial Technic. Cause this is my first time to be an aupair, In my free time i do a lot of searching to be an a good Au Pair, such as watching in You Tube etc. and I like to learn Muay Thai in my free time. I speak Bahasa Indonesia fluently because it is my mother tongue and I am 100 percent Indonesian. At school I learn English i was still at medium level, I could
speak and write smoothly but still continue to learn. And now am still learn Mandarin but still a lower level.
I have some reason why I wanna work as an aupair
– First, I love children. As a woman, I can see my self someday in the future that I will become a mother. Being an au pair will help me to learn.
– Second, I love traveling. Working as an aupair will increase my chance to see the other part of the world. Visit the place that I never been before and meet new people that will broaden my insight about life.
– and the Last, It is once in a lifetime experience. I am 22 years old girl and I feel I am a soul searcher at the moment. I want to see a lot of things, learn something new, go as far as I can when I still young and my parent still healthy and find what I really want in life.
I want to be an Au Pair because i have the chance to do lots of traveling I can share some culture with host family. I can learn every languages in everyday life, and i want to take a language course, With my “new family”, so with you, I’m ready to talk about my culture and to explain everything I know about it, to be always helpful and friendly. I’m ready to change my routine too and to discover a new way of living, for live this experience as best I can! and i cannot wait to see your children and take care of them! 🙂 The last but not least I am Muslim as a Muslim, I worship 5 times a day for less than 3minutes each time but i promise will not interfere with the responsibilities given to me , I can’t take care of dogs but when just walk with ur dog it’s ok for me, I can’t eat pork and drink alcohol so i hope u don’t mind it. I hope we can be opened, trust, and respectful each other, especially respect for any privacy area such as a religion things. I believe people whatever the religion that their follow, they have a good heart and spread love to each other. And am no allergic:)
Thank you for taking the time to read this
Yours Sincerely,
Nia Alwiyah

Leeftijd 03-03-1998
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken, Zwemmen,
Interesses Films, Lezen, Wandelen, Muziek,
Scholing HBO,
Management Industry Electronica
Gesproken talen Engels,
BeschikbaarAs soon as possible

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