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My name is Erika Gabrielle. I was born in Semarang, Central Java. I was raise in multicultural family, my dad is Indonesian-Chinese (but my dad is raised as a Dutch family, he is able to speak Dutch) and my mom is Indonesian-Malaysian. When I was a little girl, my dad would take me to see his friends from overseas and since then I get to know people from other countries. Also I have an older brother and he has his own little family now. Since I graduated from high school, I had a big interest in teaching primary students. My first job was being a private teacher for a German child.  I spent 6 hours a day from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks and after that I had several international students.

I’m flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. Since I was a kid I love to draw but now I’m more interested in water color painting. I love to read book in my spare time just to get some ideas of life, I love to read books about world culture but mostly what I’m interested in is children fictions or children classics. And now I’m working on my book about learning Indonesia for young overseas students and my friend help me with the illustration but some of my fiction stories that I wrote and I have posted them online. Photography is one of my passion as well, my uncle introduced me to photography world when I was 13, I’ve done wedding photography for my cousin and my brother, my friend’s graduation, street photography, Girl Guides Australia Camp, and the latest volunteered project I did was for Bali Belo Jewellery . I also love dancing, my mom put me in ballet school when I was 3 years old and until now I’m still into dance but now more on Marching Band in colour guard division, and currently I’m coaching high school students for Marching Band. I’m not an excellent cook but I do love cooking and I feel more relax when I’m in the kitchen.

At the moment I’m an au pair in Spain. I’m having the best year of my life, I got to know different culture through the family I’m staying with. The kids are amazing, we’ve spent a lot time together, reading and making a lot of crafts and stories. I really do enjoy my time here and I barely feel homesick. Of course I do have ups and downs time with the kids, but I guess it is part of the experience. I love to cook for them, specially the kids, when they say they like the food I cook for them, always be my pleasure.

I want to enrich my experience by joining the au pair. I believe by joining au pair, I will have a chance to meet new families, to learn different cultures, to meet new people, to learn new things, to see different side of the world and more life experiences. I love to spend time with children, to play with them, to make some art and crafts or just to hang out in the garden or go for a little picnic also I love to read books to children. I had a lot of fun experiences in Australia with few different host families before. I went to Australia for my student exchange and internship to help LOTE Department especially in Indonesian division. I had experiences at different schools as well. Until now my host families and I have really good relationship and some of them already 10 years.

Leeftijd 28
Interesses Lezen,
Scholing Middelbare school,
Gesproken talen Engels,

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