Miss Thipwaree Khembunsree (Kratai)


Dear host family,
May I introduce myself; my name is Thipwaree Khembunsree. My nickname is Kratai. I am 23 years old. I graduated from Khon Kaen University. I have four people in my family. There are my father, my mother, my twin, and me. I am from Nong Bua Lamphu province but I currently live in Khon Kaen with my twin now. My parents live in Bangkok because they have worked there since I was born. When I have free time, I like to watch Netflix, listen to music, sometimes read a book and I also like to roam around the town on nice weather days. I can speak English because I like to watch American movies and listen to American songs very much and I also can speak basic Spanish because I studied it when I was in university. I love to study languages because it helps me open a new world and it is good to talk with foreigners because I can get to know them and learn their culture better.
While I studied at Khon Kaen University, I liked to do a lot of activities, especially the ones that related to kids such as “Kru pa nae Jorn” camp which was the camp where I can be a giver to Karen kids. I lived with them for one week. During that time, I taught them Thai and English, led them to do activities, cooked for them, and so on. I also challenged myself by being a roommate with an American roommate from the CIEE program since I was a freshman until junior. Because of the epidemic of covid-19 so all American roommates need to go back to their home country. When I was an intern, I worked with “Ban Hao” foundation which it’s about helping drug addict patients, so I sometimes went to treatment areas to encourage them and to do some activities with them.
I started to have experiences with children when I was 14. I helped my aunt raise her two baby cousins. I played an important role as a babysitter when I went back from school and on weekends. I am also a tutor now. I teach kindergarten students until secondary school students and I am a babysitter for 1 year 7 months old. Also, I gained more experience of raising children from Genius camp nursery. This place helped me to learn more about the differences of each child and allowed me to know how to raise children properly.
My goal of being an au pair is that I can successfully raise children effectively. As I mentioned, I have had the experience of taking care of children. So, I want to continue the skill of working with children and even improve or learn about children more. Being an Au pair is something very challenging in my life because it will be my first experience working abroad. I’ll do all the best I can do. I will be honest and be responsible to my host
family. I will take care of and love the children as they are one of my family members. I really hope to have a chance to prove my capabilities.
After I finish the Au pair program, I still want to do something that is about children because I love to work with them and want to use all of my experience working with children to improve my career in the future. Hence, in the future, I plan to have my own nursery where I can plan everything that is concerned with children’s development. I want to be an important part to improve children’s development and I also want to have my own tutoring institute too because I can teach English and I want to help Thai students who are interested in English get better in their skills. Anyway, I really think that being an Aupair will give me a fantastic opportunity and able to improve me to be a better person or be a quality person. I really hope to learn about life abroad, to be a good Aupair and to give good things to you, dear host family.
Best regards,

Leeftijd 18-1-1999
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
1. My nephews, I take care of them since their birth. They are 7 and 8 years old now. 2. Children at the nursery, I took care of children from 3 months to 4 years old. 3. A child that I take care of as a baby sister. He is 1 year and 7 months old. 4. Kindergarten students that I teach as an English tutor.
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken, Zwemmen,
Interesses Lezen, Site seeing, Wandelen, Muziek,
Scholing Middelbare school, HBO,
Bachelor Degree
Gesproken talen Engels, Thai,
BeschikbaarJune 2022

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