Maria Veronica Carmona


Hello Dear Host Family

Thanks for the advice to read my letter!

It is a pleasure present myself, I’m verónica Carmona I’m an enthusiastic friendly honest woman I speak Spanish and English. I’m Colombian and I´m the third in my family, I have three brothers and when I’m in Colombia I live with them my nephew and my grandma, my family lives in a farm near to Medellin we have one dog called Niña and two cats Called Toto and Lulu. We are pet lovers!I’m 23 years old and I’m technology in cost and budgets analysis and currently, I’m in the 8 semesters of finance and business I was working in PSL software development as a service analyst in this place I learned a lot thing about financial and business I learned to treat with co-worked and clients that have different personalities.

In my free time I like to practice sports, I like to walk and pay attention to the different views to hang out with friends I know how to drive a bicycle but I don’t know roller skates, I love to read books and learn different things and I enjoy travel. Sometimes I like cooking (cakes muffins deserts), I enjoy staying in home and watching tv, I like to know new places have a news experiences meet new friends and cultures I enjoy taste different foods I love to eat met in different presentations also I like to fish, really I don’t have any food that I don’t like. I love to drink coffee and I love sweets and chocolate, my favorite food is pasta.

During my university, I worked with Verónica Tatiana and Juan Carmona (my brother) in a music school for 2 years my duties were taking care of kids between 6 months/11 years old in the break time or in the Camp when the kids play. The experience was grateful and funny I learning how to treat kids and be funnier, enjoy with my imagination and talking with the kids in a good way because the kids didn’t know why something is good or wrong so I learning how to explain the reason. Also in my free time I start to work with Suly she is music teacher too and I was working with one kid I only was pending that him do the homework at time and correct I worked with her for a little time but the experience was beautiful because she is a wonderful teacher and person and she teaches me a lot of beautiful things about personality’s.

In 2019 I decide to be au pair and I was au pair in Egypt for 6 months, in theses 6 months I was studying in the American university English and now I’m level B1 but I’m proud of me because is advanced for my goals I really like languages, I really love Egypt is an exotic different and strange country I learned too much in Egypt I learning how me alone and love be alone enjoyed myself be more patient with others persons that don’t think like me because Egypt is a Muslim country, I finish my contract and I didn’t renew because my purpose is not Live far away or for all my life in another country my porpoise is learning language and I think that I learned English so good in Egypt but I need practice my pronunciation in another country and I want to learn another language too. In my experience like au pair with au pair world, I was taking care of two girls: Talya is 5 years old and the Nadia is 10 years old.

My duties were, taking care the kids during their free time, wake up the kids and prepare the kids for the school in the morning (Cooking the breakfast), In vacations accompany the kids for their activities, helping the kids with their duties or homework, be aware that kids meet the schedule and eat on time. I really love my kids, they are funny lovely and always happy we match so good we were really friends and until now we call. We had a routine, I wake up the kids and I prepare the breaks to fast then the driver takes the kids for the school then I prepare the table for the lunch and then I accompany the kid’s for so the homework when we have free time we okay or watching movies. At the weekend usually, we go to the mall or to the club to play and I play with the kids and I take care all the time, all the time I will be aware because the kids are very energetic.

This experience changes my life! the kids teaching you a lot of things necessary’s for your professional and personal life they teaching you how to be more simple patient and lovely and you start to be the big sister, the best friend!

At this time like au pair, I do a lot of friends too and I travel to Egypt I really love Daha is a wonderful place in Egypt the most beautiful beach that I saw until now. I continue talking with Ana (she is from Peru, au pair) she is my Egypt Friend. We support each other during this time, because Egypt sometimes is chaotic and be far away for the first time, in the beginning, it is heavy but we really leaning the lesson and now I am more independent and I love being with myself.

I want to be au pair again because I want to share more time with children and of course, improve more my English and I want to learn Dutch I been in the Netherlands and I really love the country and I want to know more about the culture is very interesting and organizes.

I ’m sure that we can grow together and we can match easily I’m going easy and I love the kids.

Thanks again for reading my letter and I hope to talk with you soon, if you have questions be free and contact me for taking more, I’m excited to meet you.



Leeftijd 12-05-1996
Ervaringen Au pair experience, Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Yes, au pair exeprience 6 months in Egypt, also childcare teaching after school, summer activity camp
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken, Zwemmen,
Interesses Films, Lezen, Site seeing, Sport, Wandelen, Muziek,
Scholing Middelbare school, HBO, Universitair,
Highschool and graduated Technologist
Gesproken talen Engels, Spaans,
BeschikbaarMay 2020

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