Manlika Yontawin

Dear host family,

My name is Manlika Yontawin, you can call me Fern. I am 25 years old. I graduated with Bachelor Degree in English for international communication with second class honors from Rajamangala University of technology Isan Khon Kaen Campus.

I worked as teacher assistant at Khon Kaen international school. The age of children in my class were 3 and 4 years old and there were 13 children that I took care of. I love playing with them, it was like the happiest moment in my day, they laughter and smile are very precious to me and I want to protect them. I would love to go to Europe to experience new culture and meet new people. Working as an Au Pair program would give me a chance to learn new things which makes me very happy for that.


I am from Khon Kaen, which is one of the four major cities of Isan, located in the northeastern of Thailand. I am an only child, I live with my mother and stepfather. My mother works as government employee and stepfather works as estate agent. We are a normal family that enjoy going to the temples and make merit, especially my mom. She likes to go to travel at beautiful temples on the weekend.


When it comes to childcare experience, I took care of my coworker’s child when all school close because of Covid situation, I played with her all day and feed her sometimes. After that, I applied to be a teacher assistant at Khon Kaen international school. My responsibility was classroom activity (perform dance, sing songs), I assist in playing, scribbling, hygiene, brushing teeth, toileting, changing clothes and diaper, preparing snacks and milk, making a bed in naptime and clean the classroom after school.


My personality; I am not a talkative person but I try to get to know other people first. I am very easy-going and friendly so it is easy for me to talk to strangers. People who know me said that I am very trustworthy, modest, polite, responsible but sometimes too serious about the time. As I am a good listener, when they tell me I have bad habit, I would listen to them and try to change myself to be better. So, I can adjust myself for new things all the time. I love travelling, so I always find the time to explore the new places like café, temple and take nice pictures, it is my happiness.

Leeftijd 12-9-1996
Ervaringen Childcare experience,
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken, Zwemmen,
Scholing HBO,
Gesproken talen Engels, Thai,
BeschikbaarAs soon as possible

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