Magan Paulus


Dear Host Family

I am Magan Sènead Paulus, I am 27 years old. I was born in Cape Town Tygerberg Hospital, but I grew up in Velddrif all my life. Velddrif is a small town in South-Africa in the Western Cape Province, West Coast area. I am currently staying with my brother and sister, because both of my parents died when I was a very young age my mother past away a day after giving birth to me and my father past away when I was 12 years old. My grandmother was looking after me and my brother and sister but she also past away 1st January in this year.

My brother is Reanco Davids he is 32 years old he is a port worker at a very well known company Transnet here in South-Africa. He has only one daughter and I was looking after her since she was a baby and I am still looking after her. My sister is Evance lee Davids she is 31 years old she is a Quality Controller at a fish factory Amawandle Pelagic here in Velddrif.

I matriculate in 2009 at High School Velddrif , after 2009 I took a break and stay at home in 2010, and in 2011 I started to casual at a clothing store just part –time and I also enrolled in 2011 for Management Assistant at a FET College also part-time I did my Nated courses N4,N5 & N6, but I still do have a outstanding subject in N5 that is why I could not completed my Management Assistant Diploma. In 2012 June I was finished with my course, I was a casual for 3 years at the clothing store from 2011-2014, in 2014 I got a permanent job as n merchandiser I worked there for 2 years from 2014-2016, in 2016 the clothing store asked me to come back for a permanent job, I took the job because the benefits was much better I also worked there for 2 years from 2016-2018, but I quit the job this year because I am looking for a new adventure out of retail, both of my jobs was just 3 minutes from home , and my college classes was from 3 in noon to 7 at night so it didn’t interfere with looking after these kids.Currently I am looking after Tamzon and Revolin now.

I have childcare experience even though I was in school or in work or at college, like I said I was looking after my brothers child  Revolin since she was a baby, I was 15 when I started looking after her I was still in school, in the morning before I went to school I must get her ready for day care, so I feed her I bath her, in the afternoon when I come from school she was still in daycare, I go pick up her up at 5 in noon, then I bath her , feed her and play with her and put her in bed, she is 12 years old now I am still looking after I still wake her up for school, I pack her lunchbox, I still comb her hair, I also help her with her homework , I prepare supper for her and I do her laundry, I  take her to the beach for fun walks go to her netball games , we both like writing and reading so in our free time we write and read . I am also taking care  of Tamzon for 11 months now, her mother left her with me , because she went to look for a job in Cape Town , she didn’t take Tamzon with because she was already use to the school she was in. I told her mother is okay for me to take care of her, because my job was just 3 minutes from home so on lunch-time I went home to go check on the two of them, in the morning I wake her up for school, I pack her lunchbox for school I prepare lunch for them when I am at lunch at home, I help her with her homework, I do her laundry I prepare supper for her, Tamzon is a very loving kid to be around she loves the beach so I take her to the beach, I take her to the library, I know she is old enough to do some things on her own , but  I feel she is my responsibility so I must be present at all times. I was looking in 2016 after a girl called Carley she was 5 by that time she is 7 years old now,  she was a very quiet girl so I didn’t have much trouble with her my duties was to look after her when her father was working night shift. My friend gave my name to him as a preference he trusted me from the beginning, I was looking after her after six in night I did sleep over there, when I go over I bath her, prepare supper for her , play a game with her and read her a bed time story it wasn’t a lot to do, but we have a great time together  in that small amount of time. I also babysit my cousins two boys on some weekends when their go out.

I was one of the children that didn’t grew up so fortunate as the other kids. Life for me wasn’t easy but I have learnt to survive and make it through life till this far and here I am still standing. In my life I was learn to take care of myself, that is why I can do cleaning, laundry ,dishes and a little bit of cooking and a lot of things when it comes to a household.

I live in a very small community everyone’s know everyone’s, I love my community it is small, here is not much things to do, except swimming, fishing ect, so it gives you a lot of reasons to go out to explore other cities, towns and countries.

I like to write and read ,I wrote a lot of poems back in the days, and it helped me to get through a lot of stuff because when I can’t speak my mind I write my mind. When I am reading I prefer non-fiction books because I love to read about facts. I also like to listen to music I prefer any kind of music as long as it sounds nice. I am not a sporty kind a person but I am watching sport, and with the two kids I am looking after I have learnt to play netball, I love dancing ooh it makes me feel relaxed and it’s good exercise for my body hahaha, I like to go and shopping. I like to play puzzle games,& soduko.

After my aupair year I really want to complete my Management Assistant Diploma, so I am going back to the College when I complete my diploma, I am going to look for A  office job.

I really want to become an aupair, because I don’t know what it is to have a full family, and I don’t know what it is to have a younger brother or sister or both. I want to be part of a real full family, and it will be a good experience to learn a new language and a new culture and I would also like to learn or tell my new family about my culture and my language although our language sounds similar. I would like to meet new people and new things.

Everybody is talking about the tulips, cheese and windmills and the Van Gogh Museum so I want to see all this things in real life I want to experience it by myself. I want to learn more about Holland. I have google a lot about it but it is not enough for me to know, but it looks like there is a bit of South-Africa in it for the language for instinct it sounds Afrikaans that is why I chose Holland.  I want to gain more experience in childcare because I love kids, kids is my center of joy.

I am a very patient person I can deal with a lot of stuff and still remain calm, I am very friendly and if something is wrong I can talk about it like a adult. So I hope my family will accept me as they own. I can assure you I will take very good care of your children like it’s my own.

Leeftijd 27
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Yes, 1-12 years old
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken,
Interesses Dancing, Films, Lezen, Site seeing, Wandelen, Muziek,
Scholing Middelbare school, MBO,
High School Diploma and Management Assistant
Gesproken talen Engels,
BeschikbaarAs soon as possible

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