Lina Maria Santos Espinel


Dear host family:
My name is Lina Maria Santos Espinel; I was born in Flandes Tolima-Colombia on February 22, 1993. I live with my mother Mercedes and my brothers Oscar and Alfonso and our beautiful 10-year-old dog that makes our lives happy with his beautiful presence. We live in Bogota Colombia, in the Mazuren neighborhood, I am currently a chef in a restaurant chain, gastronomy for me is a way to show empathy love and service to people through art, gastronomy goes hand in hand with language and It is one of the first offices of man and integrates the culture and identity of a people. I like to read, ride a bike, practice volleyball 15 years ago, I like going to the library, visiting museums, I love traveling and knowing my country, I like camping outdoors, listening to music and sharing time with my host family friends. I am a very disciplined and organized person, I prefer healthy life and the care of the Environment, I try to make my environment the culture of recycling, change from my home and my work. I am a vegetarian and I love animals, I love nature, water, and the sea.

In 2012 I received the title of basic and international cuisine at a school in Bogotá called Guillermo Torres, I have a degree in gastronomy from the Augustinian University, recently a diploma in science and management of gastronomy, Colombian indigenous cooking classes and coffee culture. I currently work in a restaurant chain as a chef, a wonderful place where I learn and I share pleasant moments with my colleagues. My experience in childcare has been quite extensive and satisfying because I like it and it is very enriching, enjoyable and exciting.

Take care of Salome, seven years old, a very intelligent girl. We used to spend a lot of time in the library and various historical museums of Bogota, I really enjoyed their care because we had things in common and we had fun as two sisters, then two beautiful sisters named Laura Sofia 1 year old and Sofia 6 years old, we shared too many moments happy, they are quite affectionate and expressive, they like music and dancing, especially Laura Sofia and Paula love to sing, they are like artists, it was a lot of fun we must do well to the community and be at peace with me, my family and . My experience in housework is cooking, taking care of clothes, making beds and taking children to sports activities or school, in general, I like order and cleanliness, so I like to
be in a clean and clean environment. Ordered for me and my family, and also for those who visit us.

Why I want to be an au pair because I am delighted to have the opportunity to spend time with children, for me, it is wonderful to see them grow and teach them to be independent. I love spending time with children is something that I enjoy, I also like that they feel good about me that they have a lot of fun and also learn through various activities. Children are the future of our society and we must cultivate awareness and love through dialogue and family unity. I will have the possibility of knowing another culture, learning other languages and traveling, taking care of children, which is something that I like to do and I love to do. I am willing to learn and teach children good values, such as family unity, responsibility, love of nature, solidarity and many things that my family has instilled in me.

! Expectations! I would like to improve my English and learn another language and thus develop personal and professional skills. Get to know another culture and teach mine. I would love to know the cuisine of another country and a different culture to expand my knowledge. Something very interesting about Holland is the contribution to the care of the environment through ecological transport as the use of the bicycle, since it is one of my favorite hobbies.

I love working with children because they generate in me the development of skills such as patience, positivism, generating new ideas, sharing and seeing life with great joy. Child care improves my being, helps me in the best way to my immediate and global development space. I can be an example for them through my behavior, culture, and way of positioning towards life. Learn from each of them. This was a small review of my life.
I hope to hear from you
Best wishes

Leeftijd 22-02-1993
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Yes, babysitting
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken, Zwemmen,
Interesses Films, Lezen, Site seeing, Sport, Wandelen, Muziek,
Scholing Middelbare school, Universitair,
Academic Chef du Cuisine
Gesproken talen Engels, Spaans,
BeschikbaarAs soon as possible

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