Krittima Promprakob


Krittima Promprakob

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Krittima Promprakob. You can call me “Beam”. I graduated from faculty of Humanities in English major, Naresuan University. In my study life, I got scholarships from my university. I went to China for four months. I studied Chinese language at SIAS international university. I learned many cultures from living there because I got many friends from other countries like Laos, Indonesia, Russia, and Malaysia. It is a very good opportunity for me.

I’m enthusiastic, honest, responsible, patient, and easy going. I’m also worrier, I feel anxious about the future, but it make me more prepare for facing it. I’m quite not confident, but when I feel unconfident, I try to be calm for solve and overcome the problem. Although I look quite chubby, I’m still working out. I like to learn Thai boxing. I go to cycling or jogging at park every morning. In my free time, I enjoy watching movie, drama, and variety show for learning language. I’m interested in making Thai dessert.

My parents divorced since I was 16 years old. I live with my mother at Nakhonsawan, the lower northern part of the country between Northern and Central of Thailand. She is a civil servant, working at Public Health Center. My father has his own business. I have an elder brother, named Boom. He is one year older than me, so we are quite close. He is doing a master’s in Faculty of Agriculture. I have a Thai dog, named Tam. He’s quite fierce.

For my experiences of caring for children, I love to be around children since my childhood. I’m the oldest sister in my family so almost of my cousins were taken care by me. I’ve changed my cousins’ diaper, taken them shower, etc. Furthermore, I was a volunteer for caring of children at Child Development Center for three months. There are 1-4 years old of 23 children, and I also was a volunteer for caring of children at Smart Kid nursery for one month. There are 1-2 years old of 20 children. My duties while working there are teaching and entertaining them, such as singing and dancing, coloring, and telling stories. I also helped them to use toilet, change diaper and cloth, take them sleep, and feed food and milk. I’ve learned many things from there.

There are many reasons why I want to be Au pair. Firstly, I love children. I would like to spend time with children and watching their development. I would love to make children be happy. I’m looking forward to take care of your children like they are my younger brothers/sisters. Secondly, spending time in Europe, I believe that my English skills will be improved and I can learn other language. Moreover, I would like to learn the different culture and destroy my fear and build confidence too.

Leeftijd 22
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Daycare center
Scholing HBO,
Bachelor of Arts Program in English
Gesproken talen Engels,

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