Deidre Jasson


My name is Deidre’ Jasson and I’m currently 20 years old. I live with my parents and one of my oldest sister’s. My father, Ernest (62) is a boiler maker, my mother, Glynnis (54) is a housewife and my sister, Megan (30) is graphic designer.


I’ve completed my high school career in 2017 with a Matric certificate. Unfortunately, I do not have any higher education qualifications although; I’m still keen on furthering my education.

My current occupation is an assistant teacher at a nursery school and I deal with kids from the ages of 1-5 years old. My duties include teaching them basic math for their age level, the ABC’s, weather, days of the week, months of the year and nursery rhymes. I also oversea the tasks their teacher gives them. I occasionally offer help in our baby’s room and the duties include changing, feeding and stimulating them. I’ve been working there for approximately 10 months. I strongly believe that one of my strengths include, the children adapting to me quite easily, I also see things from their perspective and I’ve learnt to be patient and approachable to them.

My hobbies include reading, jogging with my neighbor, baby sitting on the weekends, singing, (even though I cannot sing) and relaxing with my friends in my spare time. I characterize myself as a bubbly, reliable and a caring person who tries to make the best out of every situation. I believe that I am also good listener, so I’ve been told.


The reason why I want to Au Pair abroad is for the travel experience, to learn different cultures and ways of life. I also want to adapt to a new surrounding and learn new languages. You should choose me because I am a hardworking, reliable, dedicated and helpful individual. Due to the fact that I work the whole day with children I feel confident in dealing with them. I have the ability to communicate effectively. I am a very honest person and I know how to put myself in the next person’s situation and I consider other people’s feelings.

My future life goals after my Au Pair year are to continue my traveling through the Au Pairing program upon returning to my home country South Africa.


I hope we can develop a good relationship, working and living together as a family. I would be very pleased to experience an active and exciting year with you and your family.

Leeftijd 25-11-1999
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Babysitting, Childcare, Disable care
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken, Zwemmen,
Interesses Lezen, Site seeing, Sport, Wandelen, Muziek,
Scholing Middelbare school,
High school, Teacher assitent
Gesproken talen Engels,

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