Chompoonut Phetpha, (Sam)


My name is Chompoonut Phetpha , you can call me Sam. I am 24 years old. now I live in Bangkok with my family. My family has 4 members, my dad, my mom, my younger brother

and I.  My parent are very sweet, they always support I and my brother. My dad work in the position sale at a company. For my mom is maid, she is housekeeper for another house. They always teach me to be a good girl, generous, patient and kindness.

I am talkative, generous, patient, friendly, easy going, gentle, warmth, reasonable, honest, has a sense of responsibility. Moreover, I am open-minded girl who try to learn new things around me.

I have got a bachelor degree of Bachelor of Business Administration, Major of International  Transportation from Kasembundit University in March,  2017.  I love my life while I was studying ,because I have got a lot of friends there. I did activities with my friends. Some of my events I went to mangrove forest planting, volunteer camp for teach student about Thai dancing and take care kids at orphanage. That make I like to work with kids, I love when I saw they innocent and imagination.

I worked at child care development center as a volunteer teacher.  For help two teachers take care 30 children about 2-4 years old. My responsibilities were to feed them lunch and snack time with spoon, feeding milk with bottle, showering and changing diapers, putting them to bed, playing with them, singing songs with them, and telling stories. Moreover, I help to my neighbor take care of their kid’s name “Hanani” I took care her since age 8 months and now she is 3 years old. I will go to visit her on weekend and live with her almost all day.

I love she so much, we will play at her house and take care she to feeding, take a bath, dressing her up and put her down for nap. Some time I will pick up she and other kids go to park or department store for play the ball pit.

The reason why I would like to be an Au pair, I expect to open my new experience and exchange culture. And improve my English language for my future career and graduation which require good English skill.  I think Au pair program can help me to reach my goal, so I would like to be a part of an Europe family.  This program gives me a chance to gain the wonderful experience. Lastly because I love children, I comfortable work with kids and I do not have problem about do housework.


Leeftijd 24-11-1994
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
360 hour for formal childcare experience about children age 2-4 years old
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken, Zwemmen,
Interesses Films, Lezen, Site seeing, Wandelen, Muziek, Koken,
Scholing Middelbare school, HBO,
bachelor degree of Bachelor of Business Administration
Gesproken talen Engels, Thai,
BeschikbaarAs soon as possible

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