Catherine F. Ynacis


I am Catherine F. Ynacis or you can also call me Cath as it is also my nickname. I was born and raised in Macabebe, Pampanga and I grew up in a big family. I took up office information system as my college course but I was not able to finish my degree due to financial problem. I have five siblings and I am the youngest child. My dad works as a driver while my mom cook and sells ready to eat food.

As the youngest, I had the task of taking care of my nephews and nieces while also attending to work which helped me in practicing my multi-tasking skills. As a teenager who took care of children, my sense of responsibility developed early as I was taught that children are delicate beings who needs affection and out most care. This though, did not burn out my passion in serving people, especially those who needs it. I grew up helping my mom with her work and that is why I also learned how to cook. When everyone is busy attending their own work, I initiate cleaning the house to not exhaust them further by going home in a messy house. I have work experience in different areas, which proves that I am a person who is flexible and an easy learner.

As a normal teenager, I also loved exploring, until now. I love visiting new places, learning new culture, meeting people along the way and tasting new culinary. With this combined, I believe being an AU pair suits everything that I love.

Travelling to a place for days is one thing but going to a place and working there is another, You live there and you get to know everything about the country, the people and the language. You get to see and experience everything first hand and get in the culture deeper. Now that I have matured, i decided that this is a great opportunity that i should not let pass. I am lucky that my family is always there every single step and decision I make in life and that they are always there to support and cheer me up in every plan I have. I am a believer of the quote “Dreams do not work unless you do”, thus here I am writing a letter to you to make my dream work.

Leeftijd 10-12-1990
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Childcare experience and baby sitting
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken,
Interesses Lezen, Site seeing, Wandelen, Muziek,
High School Diploma
Gesproken talen
BeschikbaarAs soon as possible

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