Carla Coetzee


Johanna “Carla” lives in Bethlehem, which is a town in the Free State province in South Africa with her family. She lost her father Gerrie a year ago and lives with her mother Lalie a homemaker, sister Adri (30) who has a mental disability and brother Gerrie (28) who works as a farmer.

She completed high school in 2017. Due to her father’s work, they had to move around a lot so she had to learn to be more outgoing and get out of her comfort zone more often. She is an extroverted person and enjoys being social but cares about people and their feelings as well as being quite patient. Sports is a big part of her life and has always been a way her family relaxes. She enjoys playing golf, tennis, and netball. She loves to cook and read as well.

Her childcare experience comes from helping to take care of the younger children in the hostel that she lived in while she was away at school. She would help them with homework and play with them outdoors and on occasion, she would help them improve or practice their sports. She babysat two children as well, a boy (9) and a girl (12); she helped with homework, took them to appointments like the doctor and played outside with them.

She wants to become an au pair because she plans to pursue a career in teaching and this will help her to gain experience working with and taking care of children. She would also like to experience a new culture and lifestyle as well as learn a new language. She wants to au pair in the Netherlands because there are many other girls au pairing there and she will have friends she can relate to as well as because she can become more independent and gain more experience.

After au pairing she would like to study early childhood development and become a teacher once she has completed. She wants to be a part of the growth of the children’s minds and see them become extraordinary individuals one day.

Leeftijd 20
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Scholing Middelbare school,
Gesproken talen Engels,

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