Aimon Kraiya


Dear Host Family,
My name is Aimon Kraiya I came from is Sisaket, Thailand. I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand. There are five people in my family
including aunt, mom, younger brother, younger sister and I. My family is a farmer.I graduated from Mahasarakham University, majoring in
Accounting. After graduated, I worked as an accountant at Boston Scientific (Thailand) company. In my vacation I went to Vietnam to travel
for 1 month. I had a lot of fun there because I had a chance to work and meet new people from different countries, visiting the land of
happiness. I saw so many kids being so much happy and smiling from their deep inside. Honestly, that was a great time for me and made me
realized that I love being around children very much. Currently, I am working as a Receptionist in BRB Bangkok hostel.
I can describe myself as an open-minded, cheerful, friendly, generous and flexible person. I have been growing up in the warm family so I
have learned how to treat and live with others nicely and even share my optimistic thought with them. Besides, I am able to swim, ride a bike,
and live in household pets. In my free time, I love Jogging. I also interested in camping so I very like to go to mountains or natural places
with friends when I am off from work.
As for my childcare experiences, I experienced with 2 places. First I was a babysitter for my neighbor for 1 year, second I was a teacher
assistant at nursery in Bun Yan Tree Bangkok hotel I took care of 7-14 children with different age from 6 mount to 5 years old. My
general responsibilities included feeding kids lunch and snack time with a spoon, feeding milk with bottles and cups, bathing and changing
diapers, and putting them to bed. In the classes, it were furnished by the big playthings with soft surface as to support the little kids who were
in the process of learning how to balance themselves when moving. I played with them and tried to be careful with their steps every
movement. I sang with them, talked to them, read them stories many times and asked short easy questions as they loved speaking and
listening to things. Then, I taught them to call things around them and sometimes let them learn and try to do activities by themselves, for
example, doing some arts like painting, coloring and crafting, do some exercises like dancing along with music, playing some sports, playing
in the playground but I always keep my eyes on their safety during their activities. The lunch time seemed to be the funniest activity for them
since they could eat and play the food in the same time, so l helped feeding them to make sure that they eat. I also helped the babysitters wash
the kids, change their clothes and diapers. In the bedtime, I prepared the milk for them and put them to sleep.
I participate in the Au pair program because I love taking care of children. Childcare is my passion now. Children make me smile.” I believe
being in a different culture I can develop and learn about others and myself, I want to see the world and share things. I want to gain more
experience about children. I would like to know how different between Thai and European children style. Also, learning new language as a
third language is a plus. It will be great for sharing language and culture in another part of the world. After I finish the Au pair program, I will
come back to Thailand and share what I learned with my Thai family and friends. When I return to Bangkok, I will tutor and teach English to
children in my hometown. Then I hope to study MBA at Chulalungkorn University. I hope that you would kindly consider and give me the
opportunity to be a part of your family.

Leeftijd 22-04-1995
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Childcare 5 months - 6 years
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken, Zwemmen,
Interesses Lezen, Site seeing, Wandelen, Muziek,
Scholing Middelbare school,
High school, Bachelor's degree
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