Cynthia Garcia (Yuya)


Dear host family,

I’m Cynthia García, but my friends and family call me Yuya (my grandmother called me that and now they all do it and I like that they do it).

I’m 27 years old, and I’m from Medellin, Colombia. I am a graduate of the professional program of Sanitary and Environmental Administration of the University of Antioquia; there I was an important part of my life where I met friends, teachers and people from whom I learned. I belonged to the research group of Epidemiology and Public Health of the university, I obtained studies of Health Services and First Aid. I like to help society in all aspects, especially in the environmental aspect.
I learned the relation between the environmental and human health to make a better world to the next generation, I like to teach people that there are other alternatives to coexist without detrimental to the environment, to be connected with nature, we are guests, and by therefore much we must take care of what exists,since nature is what life gives us as our ancestors would say, we owe everything to it.

My parents are Nora Vergara and Mauricio García, and my younger sister Jennifer. Dad works on heavy machinery repairs and mom is a housewife; my sister Jennifer graduated from nursing, also at the University of Antioquia, works for the León XIII Clinic in the city and plans to travel to Europe to practice her profession. The four of us make up the García family, we stand out as a family for the support we offer each other. We like to make family plans, and we enjoy spending time with my grandmother, uncles and cousins. We always meet on special dates.
My family nucleus has always been united, my parents have taken care that my sister and I received lessons on the fundamental values and behaviors that represent us as family and society; also responsibility, order and cleanliness.

Since I was child, my sister and I were aware of the importance of order in the spaces where we spent a lot of time. Mom taught us to do household chores well, she taught us to mop sweep, keep the bathrooms clean, the kitchen, shake and leave everything in its place, besides cooking. In my family we understand each other very well, I like to talk with my younger sister, teach her and learn from her about our work and day-to-day occurrences.

I have worked taking care of the children of my friends, cousins and volunteering; Since 2013 to 2018 I was participating as volunteer in the non-governmental organization TECHO (NGO), I was in the activity of the Environmental Bureau project, called Ambientalizarte that consisted of environmental education to children of the settlements in the peripheries of the Metropolitan Area, the team taught to recycle, reduce, reuse discarded materials in the garbage with these materials, the children could express their ideas through art, while mitigating the environmental problems that the Metropolitan Area was constantly going through.
In volunteering we work with low-income children who do not have access to education, we offer them a little love and attention, we believe that children should grow up with a decent life, even if their current situation is not the ideal one to grow, these children do not It is the fault of being born in this type of environment or having
those kinds of living conditions, but I think that if I have the possibility of positively
improving one thing, no matter how small it is, it will leave a mark on your soul and
heart, because all children want love and Attention of their parents, in these cases they look for people who are outside their family environment and in this case with the organization we try to give the best of us to those children to change their day to day and teach them other ways of seeing the future and the life they can desire and achieve with effort and dedication, we also learn from them, children are very transparent with their feelings and thoughts, they teach us that the beauty of life is not the stuff If you do not share with the people we love, it is a bit difficult for me because I would like those children not to have needs, that in the world they are not hungry or cold that are caused by external factors (social inequalities), but it does
not mean that we cannot contribute a grain of sand to change and slightly improve the world in which we live, with them we carry out environmental, school, and recreational education workshops to improve their quality of life and have access to the education that other children have but that they do not possess.

My friends and family they like to ask me for the favor of helping them with the care of their children when their obligations do not allow them to take their children with them or they cannot be at home, and I like to do so.
They are María Ángel, she is five years, and Alejandro is twelve years, Luciana is eigth years old and Juan José is fifteen years. I have a lot of fun with them playing, drawing and painting and I like teaching them crafts and read books about funny stories. So I can observe their ideas and share mine, while I am doing the activities with them.

My cousins and friends feel good when I go to their house or they come to my house to visit, they like to spend time with me because I go with them to the pool and teach them to swimming. They are curious, especially María Ángel; she asks me questions about biology and environmental, and we spent a lot of time talking about it, and I like it a lot because I think the dialogue let her grow her creativity and imagination.
Besides to share with children, I like to swim and for that reason I was in the
underwater rugby team of the University.

I like to listen to music of varied genres; I like to play sports, to read, to dance and to share with my family and friends.

My expectations as an Au pair is to be useful for children, that my experiences serve to them to learn for them, also to give them personal motivation to grow as happy people and want to live their lives with a thirst for knowledge, I hope that the family that welcomes me, considers me As part of yours, that consider my customs as I do yours and let us synergize, that we share more than just caring for children and the relationship with them as an Au pair.

I hope that this experience let me improve my English level to make true my dreams grow as a person and help my family and others improve their lives.

This was a part of my life, what it describes me and what makes me who I am. I hope you like it and consider me a good option to share with your children and teach them what I have been able to learn.

Warm regards…
Cynthia Garcia.

Leeftijd 29-05-1992
Ervaringen Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience,
Baby sitting experience, Childcare experience, Nanny, Support school teacher, Caring younger family, Coaching Children's baby
Vaardigheden Fietsen, Koken, Zwemmen,
Interesses Lezen, Site seeing, Sport, Wandelen, Muziek,
Scholing Middelbare school, HBO, Universitair,
High school, The professional program of Sanitary and Environmental Administration of the University of Antioquia,Epidemiology and Public Health of the university, Health Services and First Aid
Gesproken talen Engels, Spaans,

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