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• Au Pair in the US or other countries • Online registration formSUPER NANNY AU PAIR SERVICES is expanding its services and now offers Dutch men and women between 17 and 26 years of age the opportunity to spend a year as an au pair abroad. As a member of IAPA, SUPER NANNY AU PAIR SERVICES works exclusively with recognized partner organisations. By doing so, we give our potential au pairs the certainty that they will be placed with host families that have been carefully screened. It goes without saying that we also follow an extensive selection procedure for our candidates, so that every host family receives a reliable au pair that fits their family situation. While the selection process varies from country to country and from agency to agency, it generally involves a thorough intake procedure consisting of an interview and an extensive intake form, and the checking of references. Candidates must also submit a medical certificate and a certificate of good conduct (VOG). SUPER NANNY AU PAIR SERVICES already works with a reputable agency in the United States for placement of au pairs in the United States and other countries, and we are currently exploring the possibilities of further partnerships with recognized organizations elsewhere in the world. ‘Au pair’ literally means ‘on par’ or ‘equal’. An au pair lives with a host family in the United States (or another country) for 12 months, to take care of the children as a member of the family. This concerns a cultural exchange in which the au pair helps with the daily care for the children and does light housework in exchange for full room and board and a monthly allowance. As an au pair you will take care of the children for a maximum of 45 hours per week (no more than 10 hours per day). Living and working abroad as an au pair is a unique experience that gives you the opportunity to get to become acquainted with a different culture. Often, you will also have the opportunity to enrol in a study programme during your stay. Spending a year abroad as an au pair is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you will never forget! There are some possibilities for a stay of less than 12 months, for example as an au pair during the summer holidays. However, this option is not part of our standard package.

Au Pair in the US Spend a year as an au pair in the United States

Have you finished school and would you like to spend a year abroad before going to college or university? Do you love children and would you like to learn a different language and culture? Then spending a year as an au pair might be just the thing for you. As an au pair, you live with and work for a host family. You help take care of the children. In your spare time, you can meet up with other au pairs or take a course. The host family pays a contribution towards the course fees and you receive room and board as well as a monthly allowance. An au pair in the United States works a maximum of 45 hours per week. Super Nanny Au Pair Services wants to help you find a fun and reliable family. Super Nanny Au Pair Services will arrange the interview, the match and the placement, and will help you arrange the visa application (J-1 visa), travel and insurance. Agent Au Pair carefully selects families, mainly in California and New York. For a detailed description of the overall costs of the Agent Au Pair programme, see Are you interested? Then contact Super Nanny Au Pair Services, [email protected] or fill in the form below. We will gladly arrange an interview with you at our office. To help you prepare, we will send you the application package. Our office is located at Breitnerlaan 80, 2596 HD in The Hague. The interview takes about 1.5 hours.