Working method

Working method

We are happy to explain our working method to you. After you have approached us because you are interested in hiring an au pair, we will start with an introduction / intake interview. After the intake interview at your home, a confirmation and registration from the host family will follow. Super Nanny Au Pair Services will compile the family profile for you with which it approaches its foreign partner agencies.

All information on costs and fees can be found on this page

Au pair selection

Super Nanny Au Pair Services provides 3 to 8 au pair profiles during the search phase after an extensive pre-selection. These profiles are selected with care, whereby the wishes of the host family are central. If the host family is interested, Super Nanny Au Pair Services provides Skype and telephone number (or WhatsApp/Facetime) so that the host family can communicate with the selected au pairs and thus make her own choice.

When the match has taken place, Super Nanny Au Pair Services organizes the Au Pair forwarding request at the IND (= Au Pair residence permit), travel, insurance and contracts for the host family. After the au pairs’ arrival, Super Nanny Au Pair Services maintains contact with the host family and the au pair to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Full service au pair agency

When you choose Super Nanny Au Pair Services, it means that the care is totally in the hands of Super Nanny Au Pair Services:

  • Selection and match
  • Travel to the Netherlands
  • Interim care and aftercare *
  • Health insurance / liability insurance *
  • Participation in our Cultural Event Program (required) *
  • In case of emergencies we’re available 24/7

*see cost overview on this website for all costs and fees.

Duration of the au pair’s stay

An au pair may stay in The Netherlands for the maximum period of 1 year. After this year, the au pair will have to leave The Netherlands and we will have to communicate the departure with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Register as host family

Are you interested in our services and would like to get in touch with us? You can fill in the host family registration form on our website. From there we make an appointment for an intake interview with your family.

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